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domingo, 3 de janeiro de 2010

Novos produtos da Selle Italia


This revolutionary seatpost creates a new system for clamping on high end saddles and offers important features such as: lightweight, extended rail adjustability, increased front and rear saddle adjustability and a completely new look.

SLR Monolink Team Edition

The rail features unidirectional long fibre HM K6 carbon weave techonogy and weighs only 46 grams (+/- 8%). This innovative carbon technology maximises the flexibility and strength of the rail, improving the comfort of the saddle, without compromising the weight. This rail offers greater torsional strength (+30%) and much higher crash resitance (+300%) compared to traditional carbon rails.

OPTIMA Teknologika

From the wind tunnel here is a saddle that quenches you thirst and that of the... chronometer. Optima is designed to eliminate the turbulence of air flows and offer triathletes and chronomen the highest aerodynamic penetration. Rear set rail, forward set support point and integrated bottle cage enhance comfort in the moments of maximum effort.

FLITE Kit carbonio Flow

The Flite is available in a super lightweight version as the Flite Kit carbonio Flow at 145 Grams.
It features the anatomical cutout Gel that reduces pressure in the perineal area and provides excellent support to the ischial bones.

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